Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love having twin girls. Watching them grow side by side is simply fascinating. These girls are so completely different from each other. And here is one example:

They both love popcorn (I guess they're not completely different). And around here, it's one of many typical afternoon snacks. I'll pop a bag when Lo gets up from her nap and when J gets up second (and she is ALWAYS second)(loves to sleep, that girl), she'll smell it from upstairs and say "Popcorn!"

To help the girls excersice their independence, I let them choose their own popcorn bowl from the plasticware cabinet.

And it never fails. Lo ALWAYS chooses the biggest bowl she can find and J ALWAYS picks a little one. I thought it was just coincidence, but ever since we started this little tradition, they've always picked this way.

I'm still trying to figure out what this interesting pattern means for their future. Not that I ever overthink things. But, still. Fascinating, isn't it?