Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

We started out our Halloween day by oversleeping. Don't ask me how that happened. But, we got up and at em in a hurry and up to the McCord party barn for a really great playdate - with 60+ moms and kids. It was a zoo of preschool age children, but a lot of fun.

The kids had story time, a costume parade, crafts, lunch and impromptu dancing (see video below).

We came home for naps and got up to go trick or treating and be friendly with our neighbors. Then off to another party at the barn. This time for adults and kids.

Our family dressed up this year as characters from the Wizard of Oz: Baby C was Glenda the Good Witch, Lo was the cowardly lion, J was Dorothy (complete with ruby slippers), Andy was the tin-man and I was the scarecrow.

Baby C's cozy spot during the playdate. A pretty rough life, I tell ya.

Sweet niece (the butterfly), aunt Shan-Shan, Grammy and Lo. It takes a village and I'm so thankful that my village is close by to enjoy times like these.

This pic gives you an idea of the chaos that was the Halloween playdate. These are my people - moms, with babies strapped to them and toddlers at their feet, all while wearing a smile.

There's no place like home. I tried to get J to say that all day long. No luck.

Our family at the party. Aren't we cute?

Daddy dancing with Dorothy. Wish this pic wasn't fuzzy. But, it's still sweet.

The hostess with the mostest. Jme and Jac - she was the CUTEST little pirate!

Lo with her GGpa. It's special to watch how Lo is drawn to her GGpa.

Superman! My handsome nephew stikes a pose.

Aunt Shan-Shan showing us what a lion says "Roar!" Lo less than enthusiastic.


Designher Momma said...

that looks like a blast! oh, and sweet baby looks great in her sling!

Merrie Leigh said...

You guys looked great!!! I wish I could have made it to the party!