Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost there...

Today was a really good day.

It marked the end of the second leg of my training with Cindy (btw - check out her new website - my hubby designed it and it's sweet!). And time to weigh in.

Since I started working out (late Sept 08), I've lost:

19 lbs.
6.8% body fat

So, then, after my weigh in and wicked work out, I came home and was inspired to try on my "goal jeans". And they fit! (Doing a hilarious happy dance!).

To celebrate, I found the most hideous picture I have of myself from my trip to OKC back in Sept. and compared it to a picture from one of last weekend's birthday parties. Um. Sianora double chin!

Tomorrow, I'll pull out and hang my "ultimate goal jeans" in the closet. I'm almost there, folks!

Thanks for cheering me on!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

We got 12+ inches of snow here last night. So, today was a great day to play in it!

We were out shoveling snow and honestly, this is the first time I've bothered to get the girls all bundled up to play in it. They really seemed to like it and they were SO CUTE in their snow suits.

These are the Dora bikes they got for their birthday. Just four short months ago, their legs didn't reach the pedals! How are they growing so quickly?!

My Lobaby - my snow angel!

Sitting in the "snow chair" I made.

Pink nose to match her pink coat.

We don't have snow boots for Jilligirl. So daddy "made" her some with duct tape. All I could say to him was "You are Duane Keller's son!"

At first, she was sad we didn't have boots for her, too. But, after Andy got to work putting baggies on her feet, she got over it.

BTW _ I love J's beautiful eyes in this photo!

"Cookin" the snow.

Pizza party

Two days after our neices birthday, is our cousin's birthday.

My mommy friends have definitely set the bar high when it comes to fun birthday parties. First the fire station, now this awesome "cooking" party!

This party was all about stocking Jac's new play kitchen. We got her some cute heart-shaped measuring spoons, pot-holders and a play sandwich kit.

Jaime (and Jac) made cute aprons for everyone with their name on them. For dinner, all the girls got to top the pizzas. They had a blast and amazingly the pizzas were delicious!

Party time!

First, it was our sweet niece's birthday! I LOVE this pic of her and her cake. This was her expression while everyone was singing to her. So funny! I love that girl!

Her party started with a tour of a local fire station. Such a fun and creative idea. The firemen showed us the fire house and let us get into the truck. He showed the kids all their fire gear and gave all the kids their own hat and sticker badge.

Mommy and Lobaby in the firetruck.

It's great to have cousins that double as your best friends!

Classic Jilligirl!

She really liked the hat.

Little Toothache

(I love this pic! She raises her eyebrows and makes me think she's going to be trouble someday!)

LT is doing so many new things these days.

This morning, even, her first tooth popped out. Bottom left.

She's sitting up on her own and if I remember correctly, she's accomplished this almost 2 months earlier than the twins did. She's rolling over and blowing rasberries, constantly!

She's adorable. So happy. So smiley.

Rub a dub dub

First of all, this is my first post in a while and I've had some time to think about my posts and I'm going to give my girls some new nicknames. I'm just tired of Baby C, J and Lo. I mean, they're totally original and everything, but I'm just ready for a change.

So, as of today, Baby C will now be "Little Toothache" or "LT". The girls have a talking hippo doll that says "I've got a toothache you're so sweet!" And that about sums up life with our Little Toothache. Too sweet!

J will be Jilligirl. And Lo will be Lobaby. So, now that that's settled...

LT has outgrown her baby tub and has graduated to taking baths with her big sisters. It's a good time.
Actually, bathtime can me the most fun, and quickly turn into the most stressful time of our day (that is, on the days that they actually get a bath)(def. not a daily occurance around here). There will be lots of laughing, splashing and playing and then suddendly, drama insues, tears, screaming and more screaming.

I think if LT could talk, she would say "Can I go back to my baby bath please? It was much quieter there."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Farewell, Sweet Jeremy

Our great friends, Aaron and Beth Shelby, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world yesterday at 11:17 a.m. He was breathing on his own at birth, which makes him 1 in 10,000. They said that only 1 in 10,000 babies diagnosed with Trisomy 13 have a live birth.

But, a short 71 minutes later, he took his final breath and went to be with Jesus.

Last night, our Life Group gathered with Beth and Aaron in their hospital room. The mood was relaxed. Beth and Aaron were emotionally exhausted and so we just sat with them. Beth shared her labor story with all the girls. Just like any new mom would. Aaron shared the experience from his perspective.

They were even willing to let us see and hold Baby Jeremy. He was bundled in a blue blanket, with a hand-knit blue cap on his head. He looks a lot like Beth.

This is all a new experience for me. I've never been this close to a family facing such a tragic loss. Something that leaves me with so many questions for God. But, as I've said before, it really feels like a priviledge to journey with the Shelbys.

We've known the Shelbys for 3 years now and shared in life with them through our amazing Life Group. This couple truly amazes me. Yes, they are sorrowful. They have a million questions. But, their faith in God has been completely unwavering.

I'm also thankful today for my Life Group. I've learned about myself in the past few years, that I am completely a relational person. I love nothing more than to share my life, to know and be known, by my close family and friends. My friends are such a gift to me and today, I'm especially thankful for them.

One group member posted about our gathering last night and I couldn't agree with her more. I love doing life with these people. We're a group with such diverse backgrounds and I learn from them every time we're together.

So, even though I'm crying a lot of tears today, I can't help but feel grateful.

To God, for his faithfulness, that even though none of this makes sense, He will make it beautiful.

To Friends, for good people to share in the good, bad and ugly.

For the Shelbys, and their example. I know that we all can follow their lead in this and learn a few things about faith, love and hope, in the process.

I'm sure many of you reading know the Shelbys and so if you feel compelled, a memorial fund has been set up in Jeremy's honor to help cover his funeral costs.

1. Memorial Fund
* ALL Donations will go directly to the Shelby Family to cover funeral expenses. If the financial blessing outweighs the cost, the remaider of the proceeds will be forwarded to the trisomy 13 charity of the parents choice.

* Donations are being accepted at all FORUM CREDIT UNION branches. Just go into the branch and give them jeremy's name and tell them it is for a memorial fund....After the funeral services...all money will be released to the Shelby's so please make your contributions prior to that date. All donations will be anonymous. Here is a link of all their locations... You must copy and paste this link:

2. Fashionthropic T-Shirt in memory of Jeremiah has been designed and about Half of the total cost goes directly to the shelby's to help them cover expenses...This is a GREAT way to help out and have an item to remember him by.....check out the link:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year. New me.

Yes. It's just what you think it is. It's the standard reflection post. A look back on all the stuff that happened in 08 and how it's gonna be better/different in 09.

Actually, I'm just going to skip the reflection all together and jump right to my hopes for 09:

1) Reach fitness goals.
I'm about half way there. I've lost about 15lbs so far. I'm starting a "Biggest Loser" contest with a good friend this week. Let me know if you want to join in.

2) Read more.
Read more for fun. Read more for personal growth. Read the Word. At work right now, we're discussing what getting into the Word looks like for the congregation and how as a church we can foster this discipline in them. I'm thinking more for myself about how I can work to make scripture come to life in my own life. How I can discover it in new ways. I think I'm going to start with the book, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth. Sounds helpful, right? Here are a few other books I hope to read this year: Grace-based Parenting, Parenting From Your Strengths, Three Cups of Tea, Tangible Kingdom, 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One, Blue Like Jazz (can't believe I still haven't read that one) and others (still working on my full list).

3) Get better.
Get better at the mommy thing. Get better at the wife thing. Get better at the Christ-follower thing. Get better at the plate-spinning thing. Get better at the work thing. Get better at the priority-setting/time-management thing. Get better at the relationship thing. Get better at the family thing. Get better at the house keep-up thing. The focus thing. And the blog thing :)

4) Grow my heart.
This could fit in with other goals, but is important enough to be its own. I think 08 was a big heart-growing year for me. I'm learning to love bigger, better and more generously. Sometimes I think of myself as a girl on the verge of greatness. Great generosity, kindness, boldness. The important things. But, I carry around all my excuses, selfishness, laziness, desire to acquire, etc., that keep me living on the verge and away from making the big leap. In 09 I'd like to see (in the words of Elvis) "a little less conversation, a little more action please."

And one more, very important goal for 2009...

5) Don't get pregnant.
I love my babies. But, 3 in 2 years is quite plenty for now.

Are you setting any goals? Are you bold enough to share? Let's hear it!

Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends and family!

Thursday, January 1, 2009