Thursday, September 11, 2008

Working on the house

If you remember my post back in May, you'll appreciate these photos much more. Now that I'm no longer pregnant and now fully recovered from having the baby, I've got new energy to work on the house again.

We finally finished Baby C's room. It's so precious. I chose the words "Believe in Miracles" because all babies are miracles, but Baby C was an unexpected, even a once-thought-impossible miracle in our lives. Seeing this above her bed brings tears to my eyes.

We also worked on the girls bathroom. All three of the girls will share this bathroom. We're thankful it has more than one sink and a REALLY big mirror :)

If you never saw this bathroom before, imagine totally white walls, no shower curtain, no rugs, and no wall fixtures.

We went with a soft yellow (taken from the yellow in the rugs) (the yellow doesn't look very soft in these photos, but believe me, it is) and I loved this wall decal that measures their height.

I had a lot of fun with the wall shelf that we recycled from the guest bathroom at our old house. I found this cute tissue paper flower set (by none other than Martha Stewart) and had fun making the flowers on top of the shelf.

Ready for some football!

Now that Andy is working all the home games, I took Jaime with me to the Colt's season openner and we had a great time. The football game was not much to watch, but all the pre-game hype and the helicopter flyover was pretty cool.

See the helicopters coming in the large window frame? That was pretty cool.

Hill Fest 2008

Hill Fest was more fun this year and more work. Andy hauled the big girls around in the wagon and I carried the baby in a Bjorn carrier.

We could only big our brave Big Girl J to do any of the activities...

She rode a horse and at first she hated it:

Then was OK with it:

But, she pretty much went back and forth between those two emotions the entire time. I couldn't help but laugh at her.

Next, she tried out the inflatable jumping thing and had a ball.

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday came and went and although I got some pictures, I never had the chance to blog about it.

It was a fun day (Aug. 12). Jaime planned a pool play date for me and Cara even made me a birthday cookie cake - yum!

We celebrated with family later in the month and I had cupcakes from Flying Cupcake and homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert! Double yum!

All the kids played musical instruments when they sang happy birthday to me. It was pretty cute.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Milk drunk...

My monkeys!

Andy took some great shots of the girls tonight, just being themselves. I've wanted to get pictures of all three of them together, but just have not had the energy.

He got a lot of good ones, but I think this one is my favorite. Silly girls, being silly.

Cotton Candy!

I was talking to my grandma in Texas the other day and she said "That baby is like cotton candy! I just want to eat her up!" When she said that I thought it was such a perfect analogy.

This picture is proof.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Growing girl

Our baby girl is growing so fast. Just tonight I was snuggling her and thinking about how too soon she'll be running with her big sisters and adding to the mess.

Right now, she's so peaceful and calm. I'm amazed at how she'll snooze in her swing while her sisters run and scream around her.

She has a beautiful smile and is now cooing and gurgling in response to attention.

Here are some recent pics of happy C:

And sad C:

My apologies to all of you who consistently check my blog for updates. I've been going through bloggy withdrawel. Forced to choose between writing a new post or getting enough sleep at night. Don't be offended, but I've chosen sleep.

Don't fret, I'll return soon...