Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Friends

The warm weather has allowed us to open up the house and GET OUT! The girls are allowed to play in the backyard while I watch from the kitchen (lovin that freedom, btw).

They take their babies out, play on their little slide, walk on the landscape rocks. They really enjoy being together (they fight a lot, too). But, despite the scuffles, they laugh together a lot. Nothing makes my heart happier than to watch them be friends.

Best (and worst) Weekend Away

Two weeks ago, we took a quick (spontaneous) trip away to Brown County. We took Andy's folks with us and stayed in the Abe Martin Lodge. We stayed in the little rooms apart from the lodge and it worked out perfectly. Thanks to the baby monitor, we put the girls to sleep and then could hang out in Deb and Duane's room and play some cards before bed.

It was a wonderful weekend. Or at least it started that way. Friday night we had dinner. The girls were so excited to be somewhere new and to have their grandparents along. They did great. Saturday, we played all morning at their new indoor aquatic area. Everyone was having a great time, until Saturday night when Little Toothache started to throw up.
First, in the car. I thought is was a fluke. Then, to make sure I new it wasn't, she threw up all over me in one of the cute downtown shops. She threw up a third time on the way back to the room.

THEN, I was crawling into bed that night with Lobaby and she started crying. I rushed her to the bathroom and she got sick, too. Needless to say, it became a long night and I got home wishing for a vacation from my vacation.

I snapped a few pictures of the girls having fun in the aquatic area. Maybe sometime soon, we'll get a do-over.

BTW - I would highly recommend this as a cheap/fun family getaway. And I think we might even be brave enough to try it again sometime soon.
Duane/Deb - you game?