Thursday, July 23, 2009

First (of many) trips to Conner Prairie

We got a membership to Conner Prairie for Little Toothache's birthday and visited over the weekend for the first time. Grammy and Pawpaw (Keller) came with us this time. We had a blast and plan to go back again and again.

I LOVE this picture of Lobaby. When she wears piggy tails she can have just about anything she wants. But, don't tell her that!

Cookin up some lunch!

Jilligirl watering her garden.

Petting the baby chicks.

Building a cool house with daddy out of Lincoln Logs!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The party!

The party to celebrate our LT was so fun. And perfect weather, to boot!

The birthday girl in her party dress.

A rare family photo!

An even more rare picture of just me and baby LT

We sang the birthday song!

The big girls licked the icing off the cake and then dipped the candle back in the icing and licked again, and again, and again (sorry for those of you who ate that cake and were unaware of the toddler saliva on the top)

She ate her cake and buttercream, too.

She opened a few gifts. I opened most of them. She got lots of new books, some really cute clothes, shoes, toys and even a family membership to Conner Prairie.

We set up the baby pools and sprinklers. The kids had a blast.

This was a photo shoot I attempted with her little party dress on.

Running with crayons...
Eating the crayons (where's that child's mother?)...

Mommy takes the crayons away (and captures a perfect shot of LT's flair for drama).

These were the party favors. They were rolls of art paper, wrapped in tissue to look like candy. Each had some crayons attached and a little note from LT herself.

Here's the cake. Party confetti cake with buttercream icing.

The cupcakes and the stickers I found that inspired the whole theme.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourth of July

The Fourth is so fun and our tradition the past couple years is to enjoy the Carmel parade in the morning and the Carmel fireworks at night. Last year and this year the big girls have enjoyed the parade SO much.

The party people - only Shan Shan is missing (she took the pic!) (My dad is missing, too. Not sure where he took off to.)

LT's first Fourth Parade. Last year she was still cookin in my belly, just 6 days from birth!

Bummer the parade was the same time as her morning nap. So she enjoyed most of the parade asleep in her Papaw's arms.

Took the prize for "Most random parade entry" - a HUGE elk. Check out those antlers.

Jilligirl flashes her sweet smile. She REALLY gets into it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A year of sweetness!

Today, our precious Little Tootheache had her first birthday. Here are a few photos to remind you of her sugary sweetness. It has been the most amazing year with our sweet girl.

When I had a positive reading on a pregnancy test, when the twins were just 13 months old, I was overwhelmed with fear. I couldn't understand how God thought that I was capable of handling another baby, but had comfort in the knowledge that it must be his plan. It certainly wasn't mine!

From Day 1, LT has been joy. Is it possible to say that a baby can relax you? After a HARD first year with the twins, I can only say that it made this year seem like cotton candy goodness.

I will never forget the moment I held her for the first time back in my hospital room. She pursed her lips and it was the first time I saw that she had dimples. I was in love!

I can't help but feel a little sad that the first year is over. My baby is officially on her way to toddler-dom.

My sweet baby! I love you so much! Your energy, happy-nature and silliness make me so proud to be your mommy. I can't wait for another year with you!