Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The party!

The party to celebrate our LT was so fun. And perfect weather, to boot!

The birthday girl in her party dress.

A rare family photo!

An even more rare picture of just me and baby LT

We sang the birthday song!

The big girls licked the icing off the cake and then dipped the candle back in the icing and licked again, and again, and again (sorry for those of you who ate that cake and were unaware of the toddler saliva on the top)

She ate her cake and buttercream, too.

She opened a few gifts. I opened most of them. She got lots of new books, some really cute clothes, shoes, toys and even a family membership to Conner Prairie.

We set up the baby pools and sprinklers. The kids had a blast.

This was a photo shoot I attempted with her little party dress on.

Running with crayons...
Eating the crayons (where's that child's mother?)...

Mommy takes the crayons away (and captures a perfect shot of LT's flair for drama).

These were the party favors. They were rolls of art paper, wrapped in tissue to look like candy. Each had some crayons attached and a little note from LT herself.

Here's the cake. Party confetti cake with buttercream icing.

The cupcakes and the stickers I found that inspired the whole theme.

2 comments: said...

3 things -- 1) Not sure I've ever seen a picture of all 5 of you. Well done. -- 2) Love the crying shot. -- 3) You really should have used more icing. I can see the cake in one square mm section. -- Alright 4 things -- Happy Bday, little one! -Mr. Blonde

The Ingraldi Family said...

You are so creative Jenni! Your girls are lucky to call you their mommy.