Thursday, September 4, 2008

Growing girl

Our baby girl is growing so fast. Just tonight I was snuggling her and thinking about how too soon she'll be running with her big sisters and adding to the mess.

Right now, she's so peaceful and calm. I'm amazed at how she'll snooze in her swing while her sisters run and scream around her.

She has a beautiful smile and is now cooing and gurgling in response to attention.

Here are some recent pics of happy C:

And sad C:

My apologies to all of you who consistently check my blog for updates. I've been going through bloggy withdrawel. Forced to choose between writing a new post or getting enough sleep at night. Don't be offended, but I've chosen sleep.

Don't fret, I'll return soon...


The Ingraldi Family said...

She is beautiful! Enjoy the quiet serenity this age brings :-)

Merrie Leigh said...

She's so adorable! Turning into quite a beauty like her older sisters! :-)