Friday, August 22, 2008

State Fairly into it

We went to the State Fair this year and enjoyed nice weather, greasy food and all the animals. We didn't live close to the State Fair growing up and even then, my parents aren't the "fair-type" so we probably wouldn't have gone anyway, so having a fair close is a new experience for me.

The girls didn't get as into it as I had hoped, but we had a nice family outing regardless. The animal barns were a little overwhelming to Lauren, but Jillian enjoyed the horses.

Their favorite part wasn't the elephant that balanced on the ball (my favorite) or the white tigers, but the swing set that was set up next to the landscaping demo. So, I snapped some cute pictures of the big girls, while Claira slept snuggled to me in her sling.

I was also really excited about the food. Andy was looking forward to the same turkey leg he got last year, but I'm more adventurous and like to try new things. So, we walked a little while and I made my mental list of all the things I was dying to try and I settled on a cheese steak - bad choice.

I always choose wrong at the fair. It wasn't nearly as meaty or cheesy as the picture indicated and the onions gave me heartburn. I was also looking forward to fried pickles, thinking they would be pickle chips with some type of dipping sauce, but instead they were spears, with no dipping sauce... sigh. Maybe I'll get it right next year. Andy really enjoyed his turkey leg, though. And the girls ate super-messy baked ziti (and I forgot their bibs and it was everywhere!).

I think next year the big girls will be tall enough to enjoy some of the rides on the Midway and that will make the Fair something they will really look forward to.

Either way, it's a summer tradition I already enjoy.

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Merrie Leigh said...

I really wish we could have gone with you guys! It looks like you had a blast! You got some cute pictures! Maybe next year we can all go together!!! :-) After all it is the one thing I look forward to every year!