Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eat, sleep, poo...

That's what our new baby has been up to over the past few weeks. Although, she's also very alert. Much more alert than I remember the girls being as newborns. But, she's pretty content, so it's OK.

She's already headed towards a really great schedule. She does much better at night than I expected, which is always a plus. She is very alert in the evening, which I think helps her give me a good stretch of sleep when we first put her down at night.

She has some huge dimples on her cheeks! I can hardly wait to see her smile. She has a lot of similar features as her big sisters, but those dimples are all her own.

She loves when we talk to her. I can tell she knows my voice, which is so sweet.

I love when babies sleep with their arms over their heads. So relaxed!

Andy downloaded some Mickey shows on iTunes. All the girls were watching with daddy.

My best friend, Cassie, came for a visit from Missouri. She was rubbing C's head and she was totally loving it!

The girls give the baby hugs and kisses every night before bed. I can tell they really love her. J likes to hold her and give her love. Lo was "playing" with her the other day and telling her all about her Piggy Bank toy. So cute!

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DesignerHER Momma said...

oh to have a little baby again. makes me almost want to have another....almost.