Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just adjusting

How in the world is it already 9pm? I ask this question daily. Although most nights, I'm happy to see the clock strike 9, because it means my bed is not far away. The days go fast lately... too fast. I have so many other things I'd like to get done, but all the necessary things take SO long to accomplish!

My new reality of "3 under 2", includes the fact that it takes me 90 minutes to get everyone fed, diapered, changed, hair prettied, bag packed, shoes on and in the car. It's pretty insane and I'm usually exhausted by the time I start the car. Especially since the big girls now sit in the far back of the van and I have to climb in, lift from my knees and get them buckled in (it's quite an ab workout if done properly, but usually I just strain my back).

And naptime today... I used the first 20 minutes to finish feeding Baby C (her bottle was interrupted by a meltdown from her sister (because I wouldn't give her more ketchup) and I was forced to stop feeding little baby to put big babies to bed). The next 20 were spent eating lunch myself (leftovers from lunch out with my dad (simply thankful it's not PB&J again)). The next 2o, I grabbed a shower... one hour down, one to go.

The next 20 I used to check my e-mail, blogs and Facebook page. The next 20, I grabbed a snooze on the couch. I was hoping for another 20, but Lo decided to give me a short nap today. Sigh...

Part of this transition with our new baby includes adjusting to the new "normal". I keep thinking about MMO starting soon and how I'll have to have me and the three girls all ready to go by 9 am. Add to that, the fact that I'm not a morning person.

So, here I am ... adjusting. Tired. A bit stressed. Still happy. Just adjusting.

All I want is to get through a few pages of my new novel.

Maybe tomorrow.

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ibdawnk said...

oh my GIRL...I REMEMBER! I know people say this all the time but really, I MEAN IT!!! IF there is anything I can do please let me know!I really will come over and clean, cook, play with the girls, fold laundry or whatever. I am going to call you this week after the kids head off to school and see what i can do but if you need anything or think of a way I can help just call.
IT GETS EASIER I promise!!!! Today I am taking mine to the zoo all by myself so that is proof that it gets easier. :) :)
And isn't it fun Too...stressfull and tireing but such a wild ride.