Thursday, September 11, 2008

Working on the house

If you remember my post back in May, you'll appreciate these photos much more. Now that I'm no longer pregnant and now fully recovered from having the baby, I've got new energy to work on the house again.

We finally finished Baby C's room. It's so precious. I chose the words "Believe in Miracles" because all babies are miracles, but Baby C was an unexpected, even a once-thought-impossible miracle in our lives. Seeing this above her bed brings tears to my eyes.

We also worked on the girls bathroom. All three of the girls will share this bathroom. We're thankful it has more than one sink and a REALLY big mirror :)

If you never saw this bathroom before, imagine totally white walls, no shower curtain, no rugs, and no wall fixtures.

We went with a soft yellow (taken from the yellow in the rugs) (the yellow doesn't look very soft in these photos, but believe me, it is) and I loved this wall decal that measures their height.

I had a lot of fun with the wall shelf that we recycled from the guest bathroom at our old house. I found this cute tissue paper flower set (by none other than Martha Stewart) and had fun making the flowers on top of the shelf.


The Amsler Family said...

It all looks so cute..where did you get those cute decals, they are so stylish HA

it was fun hanging out on tuesday, we will have to do it more often, and next time hit me so I will remember to help you out!

Lee Lee's Life! said...

Both rooms look great Jenni! You did a great job as always! It won't be long before they're all in that bathroom fighting over the sinks! hehe!

Greg and Danielle said...

Please call me. I don't have a number to reach you.
Danielle Storrs

Lynn said...

Jenny! I love your decorating!! I was so pleased to see your cute tissue flowers...are you sure you didn't get that idea from the Discipleship Walk Go-Fors?????
It was so good to see you sunday!!!I miss you!