Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carmel Homecoming

A couple weeks ago, we went to Carmel's homecoming game. We went last year and sat in the alumni area, and decided to make it a tradition and do it again this year. I'm not alumni, but my hubby is, his brother and sister are, his mom and probably our girls will be some day. So, Go Greyhounds!

The girls loved the drum line. They were watching them practice and drumming on daddy and Pawpaw's head.

Baby C loved snuggling with Grammy when the weather got a litte chilly.

Uncle Mikey with all his girls. They LOVE him!

Grammy loves her girls. This is Lo after enjoying a chocolate chip cookie. She really knows how to enjoy a cookie!

Lo and J are learning what it means to score a touchdown! Here's J with hand motions and everything.

Cousins are the best! I love our neice's expression in this photo. They were running up and down the hill.

There was a chance for rain. But Lo wanted to play with the umbrella rain or shine.

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