Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Buff chick

Two pregnancies and two years later, it's time to get it in gear and lose some baby weight - and then some.

I started a week ago working out with my new personal trainer, Cindy Sams. She is so great! A spunky, little package of abs and biceps that is totally kicking my butt.

I met Cindy on the Discipleship Walk last year... ironically, we worked in the snack room together. She is funny, honest and has a great story of her own (weight loss, major injury). I instantly liked her.

For my birthday this year, my husband surprised me with a training package with Cindy (I had requested this by the way, my husband wasn't trying to drop any hints).

So, all this month, I work out with Cindy three times a week and do cardio on my own another three times a week. I'm watching my portions, no eating after 6p, etc.

I'm not going to tell you my starting weight. But, my goal is to lose 35lbs. I'm not supposed to get on the scale. "It's all about inches and your clothes fitting better," Cindy says. But, I'm not sure I'll be able to not at least peak every once in a while to see my numbers going down, down, down.

This is the first time I've ever worked with a trainer and I love her ability to push me, keep me focused and accountable.

So far so good. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


The Mann Clan said...

Cindy is awesome! I've been so fortunate to call her friend. I have also worked out with her in the past and she will push you to your limits. And then some! You are going to see great results. I can't wait to keep up with your progress. :)

Hoosier Hoffmans said...

You go, girl! I know you can do it. I may have to join you in about 6 months! :o)