Friday, October 10, 2008

Family photos

About a month ago we invested in new family photos. I truly think of it as an investment and if you look at these pictures you'll see why.

Our photographer did such a great job of capturing our family as we are. All the girls cute quirks and expressions. Their blossoming relationship with each other and our sweet Baby C's beautiful eyes.

It will be so hard to decide which of these photos we're going to actually purchase. I want all of them!


The Haffner Home said...

The shot of the girls holding hands with each other and each of you from behind is especially nice! [Ah]

The Ingraldi Family said...

They are beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! You have inspired me to schedule a photo session for our girls. I have been behind in their pictures, but your reminder that this is an investment is a nice kick to get me going.

Merrie Leigh said...

what a beautiful family! :) I love the pictures!