Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

We got 12+ inches of snow here last night. So, today was a great day to play in it!

We were out shoveling snow and honestly, this is the first time I've bothered to get the girls all bundled up to play in it. They really seemed to like it and they were SO CUTE in their snow suits.

These are the Dora bikes they got for their birthday. Just four short months ago, their legs didn't reach the pedals! How are they growing so quickly?!

My Lobaby - my snow angel!

Sitting in the "snow chair" I made.

Pink nose to match her pink coat.

We don't have snow boots for Jilligirl. So daddy "made" her some with duct tape. All I could say to him was "You are Duane Keller's son!"

At first, she was sad we didn't have boots for her, too. But, after Andy got to work putting baggies on her feet, she got over it.

BTW _ I love J's beautiful eyes in this photo!

"Cookin" the snow.


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness, yes!!!! Duane Keller ahhhh #2!!!! What a riot!!!

Erin Pongratz said...

LOL...thats great! Cute pics of the girls.