Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost there...

Today was a really good day.

It marked the end of the second leg of my training with Cindy (btw - check out her new website - my hubby designed it and it's sweet!). And time to weigh in.

Since I started working out (late Sept 08), I've lost:

19 lbs.
6.8% body fat

So, then, after my weigh in and wicked work out, I came home and was inspired to try on my "goal jeans". And they fit! (Doing a hilarious happy dance!).

To celebrate, I found the most hideous picture I have of myself from my trip to OKC back in Sept. and compared it to a picture from one of last weekend's birthday parties. Um. Sianora double chin!

Tomorrow, I'll pull out and hang my "ultimate goal jeans" in the closet. I'm almost there, folks!

Thanks for cheering me on!


Shape Up With Cindy said...

You ROCK Keller! I love that we've kicked it up a notch and you are giving it all you've got! It's all YOU baby! Cin

ibdawnk said...

Congratulations! :)

shelby family said...


Merrie Leigh said...

I am SOOOOOOO proud of you!!! You look awesome! YOu are such an amazing wife and mother and you have a rockin body to match! :-) Andy is one lucky guy!!!! Woo Woo!