Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins

I can hardly contain myself. I've been training with Cindy for a month and a half, now. At two months, I get to get back on the scale, reassess my body fat percentage and take my measurements.

And I'm excited about it! Crazy, right?

In the past, when I've needed to get in shape, I've always tried the same things. And the same things have only worked half-heartedly. I've been fortunate to never truly struggle with my weight, but I've always felt like I wasn't quite meeting my potential either.

Which reminds my, Cindy has a great new quote hanging in her gym now that says, "Don't let your mind cheat you out of your own potential." Or something like that. It's a good one though, right? And so true.

Here's what I'm doing different:
  • NOT getting on the scale (I've never thought I could handle this, because I'm obsessed with numbers, but really ignoring the numbers has been a huge key to my endurance)

  • Scheduled workouts

  • Strength training (this is my primary focus at Cindy's house and my homework is the diet and cardio)(I've never known how to do the strength training stuff, but I have muscles in my abs now that I don't think I've ever felt there before)

  • True accountability - Cindy is a great teacher and motivator, she makes me feel good about my best, whatever that happens to be on that particular day.

Now that it's cold outside and I don't have a gym membership, I'm trying to get creative with how to get in my cardio. So, last week, I checked out some DVDs at the library. There wasn't a huge selection, so I ended up with (don't laugh) "Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance" and a Biggest Loser workout.

Honestly, I haven't tried either one, yet. But, I'll let you know how they go. I know my husband is dying to know.

I've still got some work to do. I've still got that waterbed effect on my gut (moms, you know what I'm talking about), but I just had a baby four months ago... so I guess I'll give that some time.

But Saturday, Nov 29 is the day. Thirteen days and counting...


The Oppold Family: said...

I'm so proud of you for making YOU a priority. I can read how it's already making a great impact on you. That has and will carry onto your family! Keep up the good work! You're inspiring me.

Merrie Leigh said...

yay! Go Jenni!

Karen said...

Hi, just had to stop in and say I like your blog!! Keep up the good work...

The Nolt Family said...

Love it! Can't wait to see your outcome! Good luck!