Sunday, November 9, 2008

First trip to the ER

We took Baby C to the hospital today. The flu was just getting to be too much on her little body. They hooked her up to an IV and replenished all her fluids and calories. It was amazing to see the transformation. After a 30 minute drip, she was alert, cooing, laughing and smiling.

We were thankful for a new invention they used on her that shone a light through the bottom of her hand so that they could quickly and easily spot a vein. I think even the staff were surprised with themselves at how well they inserted her IV. She cried for only a minute and quickly fell asleep in my arms after it was over.

She was fascinated by the pink and purple tape around her hand. She's at that stage where she's just noticing and reaching for toys, so it was cute to watch her little mind at work, pulling at that tape all afternoon.

I was thankful for her sweet temperament. God has blessed us with some sweet babies.

And during my first trip as a mom to the ER, I learned some things about myself, too. I learned that I can (and should) trust my gut in making decisions for the care of my children. I felt calm, collected and confident as Baby C's mommy today. I knew what we needed to do, when to ask questions and when to push back. I felt proud of myself.

She's still not out of the woods. The trip to the hospital just got her tank full to hopefully ride the rest of this bug out at home. She's on a diet of electrolyte fluids for the next 24 hrs (she was on it for the prior 24hrs, too).

Please continue to pray. We really appreciate it.

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