Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Momma went to OKC!

I had the awesome priveledge of going to a great conference called MinistryCOM in Oklahoma City, where I also had the awesome priveledge of presenting a breakout session at the conference.

The breakouts went well. I had a lot of positive feedback and even a positive online review.

I met a lot of great people. My team had a super productive brainstorming session. We got to know each other a lot better. I got to see some of my family I never see. I got to sleep in a BIG bed, all by myself, ALL NIGHT LONG!

I really missed my babies and I was ready to come home. But, it was a great trip for lots of reasons.

I got to hear some great speakers. Scott Hodge and Jon Acuff were by far, my favorites. Scott is from The Orchard church in Aurora, Ill. And the completely hilarious Jon Acuff is author of the popular blog, This blog is not only hilarious and insightful, but so well-written. If you're a fan of his blog already, then you'll be totally jealous to hear that I caught some Skittles during his talk.

I thought it a bit immature to ask him for my picture with him and my Skittles, so I just got this "jr. high-esque" photo of me and my Skittles, with Jon in the background.

Yes. A much more mature choice. I agree.

The bonus for going to OKC was that I got to stay with my aunt and uncle, the Wileys. And I got to see my awesome cousins, Kara and Kyle, and now I have a new cousin-in-law, Crystal!

We all went to dinner on Friday night to a fun place called Pops! It's a new fixture on historic Route 66. It's a gas station, but also a diner, and they carry every kind of bottled soda imaginable. I think I had some kind of pomegranate flavor. Out front is this fancy soda bottle that measures 66ft tall. Clever, huh?

Yummy, pomegranate soda! I was thirsty!

And then I got REALLY thirsty!