Monday, May 4, 2009

Super Soccer Kick!

Recently, I went to serve at Wheeler Women and Children's Center to offer childcare, so that the moms living there could participate in game night. I took my girls with me and we were set up in a big open gym. I was amazed to watch Jilligirl running back and forth with a ball. She would get to one end and start running, throw the ball in front of her and dribble it with her feet down the court.

I have no idea who showed her how to do this, my only thought is that we have a Dora video where she plays soccer and the girls LOVE Dora.

So, I bought them a soccer ball and a little goal, to encourage her athletic aspirations. I'll have to get some video of her and try to post it. It's pretty impressive stuff for a 2-year-old.

OK. I'm done bragging. But, in my defense, I'm a mom, and bragging is in my job description.

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