Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Facebook: Time for a Time Out

I'm taking a break from Facebook. I've noticed my productivity GREATLY decrease recently and wasn't able to put my finger on it. And then I realized that I leave FB open 24/7 and check it every few minutes while on my laptop. I'm not sure how many minutes a day this all adds up to, but it's my focus that it steals more than anything.

I'm torn, because I also believe that Facebook is an amazing tool. I am a VERY relational girl and the fact that I've connected with friends I never even thought I'd see again is nothing short of thrilling for me.

But, I've fallen behind in about every way a girl/momma can fall behind (ever since I got hooked on that dern Twilight series and was TOTALLY out of commission for like a month)(after I read book four), and it's time to catch up.

My blog is another area where I've fallen behind and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all. I've got a few recipes up my sleeve and a few mommy issues to vent about and all-around cuteness (via my babies) to share. So, for those of you who haven't totally given up on my blog, I hope I can earn back your devotion :)

So, my beloved FB friends, I will only be gone temporarily. And until then, I'll miss our random chats, status updates, photo uploads, wall posts and notes. But, hopefully before we meet again, my to-do list will be more than half to-done.

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designHER Momma said...

good idea. I'm on FB - but not as much as I'm on other things (like reading blogs). Oh, and I'm up to book 4 with the Twilight crew so I can completely relate.