Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year. New me.

Yes. It's just what you think it is. It's the standard reflection post. A look back on all the stuff that happened in 08 and how it's gonna be better/different in 09.

Actually, I'm just going to skip the reflection all together and jump right to my hopes for 09:

1) Reach fitness goals.
I'm about half way there. I've lost about 15lbs so far. I'm starting a "Biggest Loser" contest with a good friend this week. Let me know if you want to join in.

2) Read more.
Read more for fun. Read more for personal growth. Read the Word. At work right now, we're discussing what getting into the Word looks like for the congregation and how as a church we can foster this discipline in them. I'm thinking more for myself about how I can work to make scripture come to life in my own life. How I can discover it in new ways. I think I'm going to start with the book, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth. Sounds helpful, right? Here are a few other books I hope to read this year: Grace-based Parenting, Parenting From Your Strengths, Three Cups of Tea, Tangible Kingdom, 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One, Blue Like Jazz (can't believe I still haven't read that one) and others (still working on my full list).

3) Get better.
Get better at the mommy thing. Get better at the wife thing. Get better at the Christ-follower thing. Get better at the plate-spinning thing. Get better at the work thing. Get better at the priority-setting/time-management thing. Get better at the relationship thing. Get better at the family thing. Get better at the house keep-up thing. The focus thing. And the blog thing :)

4) Grow my heart.
This could fit in with other goals, but is important enough to be its own. I think 08 was a big heart-growing year for me. I'm learning to love bigger, better and more generously. Sometimes I think of myself as a girl on the verge of greatness. Great generosity, kindness, boldness. The important things. But, I carry around all my excuses, selfishness, laziness, desire to acquire, etc., that keep me living on the verge and away from making the big leap. In 09 I'd like to see (in the words of Elvis) "a little less conversation, a little more action please."

And one more, very important goal for 2009...

5) Don't get pregnant.
I love my babies. But, 3 in 2 years is quite plenty for now.

Are you setting any goals? Are you bold enough to share? Let's hear it!

Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends and family!