Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy(est) 7 Months!

Have I mentioned that I am IN LOVE with this little girl!? I told Andy the other night that I think God gave her to me to help me relax. Seriously, people, she's that good. It's such a joy to be her mommy!

Happy 7 month Birthday, baby girl.

I've got a toothache, you're so sweet!

BTW - This is my new favorite picture of her!


Merrie Leigh said...

I cannot believe how big she is! She is just the sweetest thing in the whole world!

Shannon said...

I loved my 1:1 time with her in the nursery!! She was the star baby!!! And she really is growing out of the baby stage so fast!! She's gotta keep up!! She's a doll baby!!

Mom said...

I just want to EAT HER UP!!! She truly is the sweetest baby in the world! Mom