Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas with the Colts

We had a really busy weekend. It started Friday night at the Colt's Christmas party. It's such a nice event, totally for families.

We ate some food... you know, the healthy stuff. Mini hamburgers, mac n cheese, chicken strips, egg rolls. And of course, you can't forget the dessert. Mini donuts for the girls. They came in these cute little individual cups, all warm and delicious. And while I wasn't looking, Lo ate all 6 of her donuts. I was a little stunned. That girl was wound up after that!

So, it's a good thing she could run it off on the Colts' indoor practice field... (look close. the girls are waving at me!)

As usual, J was a little more adventurous than Lo. J jumped on the inflatables and got a snowgirl painted on her arm.

And these weren't your average carnival facepainters, these ladies were really good...

This photo just makes me laugh. Lo is proving with age that she is a clone of her daddy, often in her own little world. She was in the middle of the endzone and decided to squat down and enjoy her sucker from Santa. Such a lady, I tell ya (she's a lot like her dad, but her lady-like ways are probably an accurate reflection of her momma).

The party was complete with a visit to daddy's office, to feed Baby C (yes, she was there, too, although there are no pictures to prove it). They got to try on his Lucas Oil Stadium hard hat, play with the nerf basketball and write on daddy's white walls.

Merry Christmas and Go Horse!

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